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Advertising, Videos, Multimedia

How to tell a story and make it so attractive!
Perpetua, the pencil

Viral Web Video (2014)


A 2D traditional animation and stop motion video to promote Perpetua, The Pencil. This project was born to express the highly innovative power of the product, its strong thecnolgical content and breaking design, yet maintaing his soft and friendly character as a Pencil. Drawing and writing, that’s what you can do with a pencil, but that’s also what allows you to invent and realize your dreams. The video is in 3 episodes of aprox 30 sec, and can be watched all in one long version. 

Perpetua, the Pencil &

New Holland Agriculture


This new video, hand-coloured with watercolour, communicates the collaboration between New Holland Agriculture and Perpetua: they both aim to design and create innovative products that are aesthetically eye-catching, long-lasting, and efficient, while respecting the environment.
New Holland Agricolture chosed Perpetua as testimional during the 2015 Expo in Milan.

Holliwood Stars Nail 

Magazine Ad Campaign


This campaign had a revolutionary approach to the nails care products' promotion. If you take a look on the specialized magazines, you'll see that they’re full of hands and feet, flowers, butterflies and beutiful stones… We decided to put it in another way. The first campaign is based on irony and the concept of beauty in art throughout centuries. The second one is not about the aesthetic results but about the practical effect and benefits of the product. In a magazine full of feminine images and women portraits, you suddenly stumble upon a handsome man's picture. The high visibility of the brand, and its ironic, contemporary and strong identity pops out from the magazine.

Web & Apps


Splash pages from graphic designs I made for brand new Apps.

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