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Logo & Branding


The Mancini & Mannetti brand: a new concept of italian bakery that includes restaurant, breakfast and dinner. It needed a smart and fresh design to communicate tradition, innovation and passion. We even developed an Augmented Reality mobile App that provides costumers with infos and content by framing the logo.


LOVE in Verona

Logo & Branding

From Logo design to Coordinate Image, Packaging and gadgets... my entry for a 2018 national online contest.

I didnt't win but I think that's really nice stuff! don't you?

Btw, the logo is designed to represent the city of Verona based on the shape of the famous Giulietta's Balcony windows...



Consulting, training, events and creative workshop


Mikadi is a lab that creates exclusive communication projects, developed and carefully tailored to the customer needs: for companies, organizations and people who want to tell a story.

For Mikadi Kyakodesing has designed the coordinate image, from logo design to the website and even a custom Mikadi font.

The Logo design represents the multidisciplinary network of professionals with whom Mikadi works with, sharing experiences and visions, constantly looking for new trends and tendencies. Six illustrations were designed for each section of the website and to become promotional postcards.

AC Consulting

Brand Identity


I loved this project really much! It was so stimulant to think of something not ordinary for a consulting company. Something that involved a revolutionary approach to company counceling and based on sistemic thinking and human centered philosophy. Here you can see the ideas I came up with: that can give you an idea of the variety of proposal that can be offered to the costumer.

Logo designs

kyako loves to design simple and iconic logos!!!