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Editorial Graphic Design

Costum-cut projects


Leggere lo spazio

In 2019 Kyakodesign started a collaboration with MAXXI, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo. 

We designed the new publication that collects the acts of the convention “Reading The Space” and  held a workshop about Editorial Design and the famous DOMUS magazine during the Giò Ponti Exhibition.


Posters Golden Rules

This project was about icons deisgn and editorial design. It aims to enucleate the rules and good practices for the company's employees. 
Smart and funny but clear and quite institutional A3 posters to be hanged in the offices and in the yards.

Alisea, Recycled and Reused Objects Design

& Mikadi, per comunicare.


My collaboration with Alisea and Milkadi started in the 2013. After we met each other during our workshop in the Pordenone Design Week, we found we have a common vision about sustainable design and how to manage projects and communication. Kyakodesign, together with Mikadi, realized a brand new illustrated portfolio for Alisea, together with printed and multimedia infographic presentations. In the portfolio, every sustainable and innovative productive process of the company is marked with a specific icon and color and explained by a dedicated illustration.

In the Adv. Video & multimedia section: the web-viral video in 2D animation and stop-motion for Perpetua, la matita! Have a look!

Ted Hero Contest - Kubedesign

My entry at the national contest for the new TED HERO character 2014, Ted Ninja won the contest and is in production with kubedesign (

The other character Kyako was among the 10 finalists.

Ninja is a cute, smart boy: he protects weak and nerd guys. He's strong and expert on martial art and hard work, but he definitely has a gentle heart. Kyako is a super kawaii girl from Harajuku, she loves sakura flowers and kimono. She's sweet, funny and sexy! Meet the others: Robotto, a super invincible mecha robot: he's indestructible, has bladed boomerang, and eats cybernetic books. Zoombie: a poor unfortunate guy that was turned into a zombie by a Romero background actor who took his role so seriously. However he still has his good heart and waits for a lady Zombie to start a family... Pandaas: what am I supposed to say more than that he's a Panda!?!?

Festa di Teatro Eco Logico


festa di teatro ecologico


Fluidonumero9 is an inspired and innovative acting company that organizes free-emission performances. They needed really strong and original visual communication ideas, something to show their unique identity, something contemporary but hand made and sustainable.Their logo is in watercolor and the programme for the “festa di teatro ecologico” (ecological theatre festival), june 2014 in Stromboli, Sicily, is conceived as a personal notebook, with sticked photos and pencil-hand-like corrections, in order to let the user-experience be personal and spontaneus, with surprises, unexpected events and unpredictable endings, as the festival really is.

Modica Jazz Festival


Modica Jazz Festival (augst 2012-13, Modica, Sicily) needed a visual communication that expresses the joyful and pleasant athmospheres of a Jazz festival  in a sweet and full of tradition country like Sicily. The festival's  logo represents a jazz trumpeter standing on the exact place of Modena in Sicily, and the 70\100 cm poster's illustration is a summa of the fascinating characteristics of the City and Sicily: you can see the typical houses of Modica, the Chiesa Madre di San Giorgio , the sea and the typical decorations of the “Carretti Siciliani” all together creating a magic atmosphere for a public made of guitars…

Other Projects


Every single piece here is conceived to express a precise message with all the visual means and techniques, from the visual metaphors, through the colour and the composition to the subject...


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