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I prefer the word partners: we go on together from the concept to the project, until we are all happy about the result. I aim not only to fulfill the needs but to see enthusiasm int my work partners' eyes, as in mine!



“Kyako’s fresh and bright creativity has been a significant support to communicate in a new and engaging way the recycling philosophy of ALISEA: transforming waste matter in valuable design objects.”

Susanna Martucci, Ceo Alisea

“I love working with Kyako, both as client and creative partner, because she knows the importance of listening and knows how to go beyond the words to fully understand the needs and objectives before you take up a pencil and get to work.”

Michela Diffidenti, MIKADI per comunicare

KYAKO  is:  K like kindly, Y like young, A like able, K like keen, O like observant. She has all good cards for a perfect collaboration!”

Annabella Guadagni, Designer

"Valentina is a great friend and an extraordinary professional. He loves his work so much that the boundaries between profession and private life come together in a “unicum” that makes her unique and original in the world of design. This is whyinterwieving her for the project “Italians in Italy” was simple, fun and constructive at the same time. Well Done Kyako! "

Nicoletta Frasca, Blogger

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