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Drawings and designs

FOODOLOGY: semi-serious scientific guide to a sensory analysis of food

Gribaudo (IF - Feltrinelli)

The very first illustrated book by kyakodesign: a journey in the land of taste guided by the wise and brilliant words of Michela Diffidenti. You’ll learn to taste a dish and evaluate it on scientific bases. There are 8 recipes from an Italian starred Chef, so that you can test your abilities in the kitchen with your new skills. Every page contains an original illustration: 144 fully illustrated boards to enjoy your reading!


Open Mic 

Facebook illustration

The Open Mic is a show organization in which the underground music roman artists are invited to show  their talent and their proposals. The microphone is at their disposal to amaze, amuse, delight the ears of the audience!

Open Mic Illustration

Tom Armati

In the best record's stores

Tom Armati is not just a singer, a songwriter or a music band: is an ironic philosophical songs smithy. Pop-rock reflections on contemporary life, from the Italian music underground.

The Tom Armati CD’s cover illustration and graphic design is based on the concept of the album title: “in the best record’s stores”. It is a little vintage-nonsense joke, that blink the eye on the 90ies American punk covers and transposes a banal everyday situation into an estranging unreal state, as in Tom’s songs. If you pay attention you can also detect a little quote of  “spaceball” the movie.

Roll up Banner & Illustration

Scuola d'Arme Fiore dei Liberi


The well known school of ancient sword techniques "Scuola d'Arme Fiore dei Liberi" asked me for technical illustration that shows the basic positions of an ancient german sword technique... Something that was very accurate but far away the typical medieval monk's illustrations, in order to use it in the design of 4 Roll up Banners for exhibitions.

Personal Projects

Here are some of the drawings and illustrations I made just for me. 

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