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Communication Campaigns

Same messages, different media


Recycle campaign

The campaign is based on a quote of the famous picture “this is not a pipe” painted by René Magritte in 1928-29.
Obviously it is very boring to say to people that they must put trash in the specific trashcan. It is however not common to focus on the point that what you see as a refuse, actually it is not. It is mineral, water, precious material, energy. If someone asks people if they would like to give away their goods, probably they’ll call him mad. That's the point of the campaign, that involved four A3 printed posters, a web banner and brand new label for the company trashcans.

For scientific texts, Kyakodesign availed of the collaboration of a professional science journalist, Mauro Mennuni.


travel agency campaign


Internal communication campaign to convey the information about the new travel agency and new procedures to a big number of employees of a very big company, such as Techint. The campaign was made up of a poster, web banners and a notebook, all expressing the concept “world-underground”. A visual funny metaphor of a new, contemporary way to travel the world, as easy as take the underground!

Perpetua, the pencil


Little multimedia campaign for DM website and online magazine.


Innovation Programme


A3 Poster and Banners in 4 languages. 

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